Welcome to IGM


Industrial Grade Modems (IGM) is a leader in remote wireless monitoring and a supplier of proprietary wired and wireless data-communications solutions for utility, transportation and other industrial automation applications. IGM sells products and systems that collect data from industrial SCADA devices such as meters, remote terminal units, traffic controllers, industrial controls, remote sensors and data loggers and sends it through wireless cellular and radio frequency networks or telephone lines to a host site, direct or via the Internet. IGM wireless and wired solutions are already at work in many applications and new ones are developing every day.

Mission Statement

  • Enabling electric utilities to read their meters remotely, detect power outages in seconds, manage peak power consumption and automate power distribution
  • Helping municipalities manage their traffic, read and update their traffic controllers remotely, monitor traffic flow and improve road safety.
  • Monitoring and reporting failure of a signal on a railroad crossing, turning on a water valve in a major irrigation project and automating waste water management plants.
  • Monitoring large air-conditioning systems, elevators and medical equipment, managing energy usage in large facilities and reporting alarm and irregularities.

Target Market


The potential markets for IGM technologies and products are enormous. IGM technologies bring intelligence to dumb devices and make smart ones more intelligent. No matter what type of equipment needs to be monitored, polled or managed remotely, the combination of IGM proprietary devices, wireless data network and Internet-based technology will guarantee a reliable, economical and advanced solution.