** End of Life Product **
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LandCell 882™
LandCell 819-GPRS

CDMA-1xRTT Cellular Modem CDM-819s/u

  • Onboard Microprocessor for future options and features
  • 1xRTT Dynamic or Static IP (Mobile IP/DMU)
  • RS-232 or USB Slave connector
  • AGPS
  • RSSI Indicator
  • Plug and Play Ready for most applications
  • Circuit Switch Data Origination and Termination
  • PPP Originated Tethered Data Calls for TCP/IP capable devices
  • Packet Data transmission at speeds up to the 1xRTT network maximum of 153 kbps
  • Optimized for easy OEM applications
  • Dual Band Digital CDMA 800 MHz and CDMA PCS 1900 MHz
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The recently enhanced Land-Cellular CDM-819s and CDM-819u CDMA-1xRTT cellular modem with either RS-232 or USB interface is the best choice for use in a broad range of M2M (machine-to-machine) wireless industrial communication applications. Land-Cellular modems have demonstrated their quality and reliability in security and surveillance, point of sale and ATM, vending machine, oil and gas pipeline and many other applications. The CDM-819 is based on the 1.2.0x version of the Kyocera RF module with support for multiple profiles and Static IP. Features like dual-band capability, support for IS-2000 data rates, Mobile IP (MIP) and Static IP (carrier dependent) means your communications needs will be secure today and tomorrow.
  • Dial-Up Networking interface (PPP) for intelligent devices with a TCP/IP stack for Packet Data connections to 1xRTT network for ATMs, Kiosks, Irrigation Control, etc.
  • Environmental monitoring by circuit switch data call from central landline modem bank to CDMA modem in field.
  • Security monitoring; uninterruptible wireless alarm call on intrusion, answers incoming data calls for test and status check by Alarm Company.
  • Gas and Oil monitoring equipment can call out on alarm conditions to a cell phone for emergency alert. Scheduled data collection from a central landline modem bank is handled by calling into the CDMA modems phone number with a Circuit Switch Data Call.
  • Asset monitoring of Tank Levels and Flood/Water Level Management with Circuit Switch Data and IP network control via PPP connections.
CDMA-1xRTT Cellular Modem
Interface Connectors:
  - ‘s’ Version: RS-232 DE-9S Connector (DCE)
  - ‘u’ Version: USB Slave Device Connector

Power Connector:
  - 2.1mm/5.5mm DC Barrel Jack (Center Positive)
  - LED Indicators: Power, DCD, Tx, Rx

Antenna Interface:
   - 50 ohm SMA Female for Cellular Network Antenna
   - 50 ohm SMA Male for GPS Antenna

    - 4” L x 2.56” W x 1.06” H
    - Weight: 0.45 lb

Power Input:
    - 8-28 VDC @ 0.75W (Dormant, 100 ma @ 12VDC Typical)
    - 8-28 VDC @ 3.3W (Active 1XRTT Packet Data, 275 ma @ 12 VDC Typical)

RF Power:
    - CDMA: 200mW (EIRP Nom.)

Maximum Tx Power:
    - CDMA: +23.5 dBm min. / +22.5 dBm min (1900MHz)

Rx Sensitivity:
    - CDMA: >-104 dBm

    - Cellular: Tx: 824-849 MHz Rx: 869-894 MHz
    - PCS: Tx: 1850-1910 MHz Rx: 1930-1990 MHz

    - Operating: -30°C to +60°C (-22° to 140°F) 100% Duty Cycle
    - Storage: -55°C to +85°C (-67° to 185°F)

Operating Humidity:
    - 0 – 85% (non-condensing)

Command Protocol:
    - v.250 AT Command Set

Communication Speeds:
    - Serial Interface Data Rates from 300 BAUD to 230,400 BAUD

    - CDG 2 tested and approved
    - FCC ID: RD5-LCC0308
    - Industry Canada ID: IC: 418A-LCC0308