Cellular CDMA 1xRTT Ethernet IP Cell Modem

The CDS-9060 is a reliable, cost-effective, self-contained solution for remote meter reading and data communications applications. This rugged wireless data modem has long been the choice of companies and utilities looking to solve their wireless data needs. The CDS-9060 is incredibly versatile and supports CDMA dual mode – both circuit switched and 1xRTT packet-switched services – as well as SMS and analog data transmissions. A GPS-enabled model is also available.

Standard Features:
  • Packet-switched data (1xRTT CDMA)
  • Circuit-switched data (IS-95)
  • SMS via AT-Commands over CDMA
  • Dynamic IP management
  • TCP/IP stack
  • Remote updates to PRL
  • Simple modem configuration – remotely or locally
  • 3 input triggers for cry-out alarms via SMS
  • Optional analog modem (300bps to 33.6bps)
  • Optional RS-485 for multi-drop applications
Distinctive Features:
  • Complete network approvals (approved by all major carriers)
  • Acts like a PLC with 6 inputs/outputs controlled via DRiP
  • Easy trouble-shooting via configuration menu
  • 4 sleep windows for power-saving in solar applications
  • Internal signal-strength meter
  • Switches from CDMA to analog mode automatically (requires optional analog option)
  • FCC and Canada certified RF
  • Easy set up includes customer support
  • Customer support provided by wireless data experts
Typical Applications
Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), Remote Point of Sale (POS), Wireless Telemetry, SCADA, Video Monitoring, Traffic Sensor Monitoring, Alarm & Equipment Monitoring, Automatic Teller Machines (ATM), Short Message Service (SMS), Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)
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