Cell Modem for Modem Input

The CDS-9060T/R allows any meter or terminal with an RJ11 jack to send data over digital cellular – significantly reducing the costs of transmission, while eliminating the need for a costly upgrade. Simply plug a standard modem line into the CDS-9060T/R’s RJ11 port to start taking advantage of the reliability and privacy offered by the rapidly expanding CDMA network. This rugged wireless data modem operates in CDMA dual mode, supporting both circuit-switched and 1xRTT packet-switched services. The extensive coverage of the CDMA network means DataRemote’s CDS-9060T/R is the perfect solution for affordable, packet data transmission from remote areas or anywhere a fixed line is unavailable.

Standard Features:
  • Packet-switched data (1xRTT CDMA)
  • Circuit-switched data (IS-95)
  • SMS via AT-Commands over CDMA
  • Dynamic IP management
  • RJ11 interface (5 REN, data only)
  • TCP/IP stack
  • Remote updates to PRL
  • Simple modem configuration – remotely or locally
  • 3 input triggers for cry-out alarms via SMS
  • Analog modem (300bps to 33.6bps)
Distinctive Features:
  • Standard RJ11 interface
  • Complete network approvals (approved by all major carriers)
  • Distinguishes DTMF tones for IP routing
  • Easy trouble-shooting via configuration menu
  • Analog data/fax transmissions
  • Internal signal-strength meter
  • FCC and Canada certified RF
  • Easy set up
Typical Applications

Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), Remote POS, Wireless Telemetry, SCADA, Video Monitoring, Traffic Sensor Monitoring, Alarm & Equipment Monitoring, Unidentified Data Protocol (UDP), Automatic Teller Machines (ATM), Short Message Service (SMS), Standard RJ11 Fax Machine Transmission