Ethernet LAN Cell - Cellular Modem

Cell - Cellular Modem with Ethernet Port or RS232 - RS485 and USB Port
Cell - Cellular modem with Integrated 4-Port Ethernet Switch
SkyRouter 4100E Cellular Ethernet Switch

  • Reliable Linux OS
  • CDMA2000/1XRTT WAN Interface
  • Integrated 4-Port Ethernet Switch
  • Relay Contact Input
  • Relay Driver Output
  • 2-Way SMS
  • Web Based Administration Remote/Local

SkyRouter 4100S Cellular Ethernet Port

  • Reliable Linux OS
  • CDMA2000/1XRTT WAN Interface
  • LAN Connectivity
  •  - RJ45 Ethernet Port
      - RS23
      - RS485
      - USB

  • Relay Contact Input
  • 2-Way SMS
  • Web Based Administration Remote/Local
The Series 4100 SkyRouter is an integration of the Axis ETRAX 100LX MCM single chip Linux processor running Linux version 2.4, and Kyocera’s 100 CDMA2000 1XRTT Telemetry module. Out of the box the SkyRouter is a complete 1XRTT access point and Internet Protocol (IP) router with Ethernet, RS232, RS485 and USB LAN side connectivity. Wireless networks offering 1XRTT connectivity provide SkyRouter’s WAN interface. Designed to address wireless M2M markets the SkyRouter is ideal for infrastructure monitoring, financial and Point-Of-Sale connections, and for truly remote surveillance applications.

As a development platform SkyRouter offers developers and OEM’s a powerful agency and network approved wireless application platform. Agency and network approvals can consume a significant of a development budget and schedule.

In addition to a standard RJ45 Ethernet connection, SkyRouter offers serial connectivity for legacy migration. A relay contact closure input expands SkyRouter’s extensive notification capability set, providing four independent mechanisms for implementing notification and other types of cry out alarms. Complementing this array of network connectivity is a host type USB connection, a convenient means of extending SkyRouter’s capabilities or installing field upgrades.

With SkyRouter designers of SCADA and Remote Management networks will be able to manage multiple endpoints through a single 1XRTT connection, extending advanced management to remote locations and accelerating the IP migration of RTU and PLC endpoints. Financial transaction network designers will also be able to reduce transaction costs while at the same time simplifying network management by integrating multiple terminals over one wireless IP connection.
  • Linux 2.4 OS
  • 100MIPS RISC Processor
  • FTP Firmware Upgrades
  • Remote (WAN) Management – Can be disabled
  • DHCP Server
  • DHCP Client
  • NAT – Can be disabled
  • Port Forwarding
CDMA 2000/1XRTT WAN Interface
  • Packet transmission at air interface speed
  • Dynamic or Static Wireless Network Addressing
  • DNS - Preset or from Wireless network
  • SMS – bidirectional
  • DDNS (BIND, Windows Server, or EW/SMS)
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