AirLink GX400

Multi-Purpose Intelligent Gateway
The AirLink GX400 multi-purpose intelligent gateway is ideal for a myriad of machine-to-machine applications. A small, rugged form factor and multiple interfaces give the GX400 the versatility for location-aware applications in mobile and fixed environments at an affordable price.

The GX400 achieves high performance and reliability, and offers GPS, 3G mobile broadband connectivity, and ALEOS intelligence. An expansion slot enables the easy addition of I/O and communications ports, providing unparalleled flexibility and versatility. The existence of the expansion slot on the GX400 enables feature additions without comprehensive design changes and/or further certification. Coupled with the AirLink Management Services, the GX400 is an ideal solution for a wide range of M2M applications.

The GX400 is designed for use in mobile environments (AVL/tracking, field service, public safety) or fixed/portable settings (industrial, utilities, security, enterprise, point-of-sale). A "one device fits all" solution allows customers to deploy and manage the same device for multiple applications, simplifying deployment and management.

ALEOS™, the long-standing industry benchmark for embedded intelligence, powers AirLink devices, and supports 24/7 always-on availability, persistent connectivity, end-to-end security, real-time two-way data exchange, and remote device management. Designed to meet the needs of industrial M2M, enterprise solutions and mobile applications, ALEOS features embedded machine protocols, routing and location protocols. To ensure reliable, advanced security, ALEOS includes IPsec VPN and GRE tunneling.

ALEOS facilitates the comprehensive remote management capabilities of AirLink Management Services (AMS) to enable remote configuration, administration, and control of deployments of any size, from one device to thousands.

A comprehensive hosted one-to-many remote device management tool, AMS' feature rich capabilities allow customers to remotely update firmware, check device status, schedule commands and much more.

Together, ALEOS and AMS provide a cloud solution that requires minimal set-up for a simplified deployment.
  • ALEOS Embedded Intelligence
  • Comprehensive device management and configuration
  • Highly configurable with easy to use interface
  • Expansion card slot
  • Rugged design
  • Multiple connection options
  • Robust ARM 11-class processor
  • AirLink Configurable Rules Engine
  • Reliable network connectivity for mission critical applications
  • Seamless integration with legacy equipment
  • Versatile for both fixed and mobile M2M applications
  • Enables additional features without design changes or certifications
  • Approved for use in hazardous environments
  • Easy integration into existing enclosures
  • Enables module level diagnostics and updates
  • Decreases total cost of ownership
  • Lowers energy consumption
  • High performance and reliability at a mid-tier price
  • Remote management, control and configuration
  • Simplifies troubleshooting
GX400 Datasheet  
GX400 AirLink GX400 - 3 Year Warranty
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