High-Speed Fast-Poll Multi-Drop /
Multi-Point Modem for Industrial Communications - AC or DC power

The Synxcom Fast Poll modem is designed and manufactured from the ground up for rugged industrial communication networks. Boasting the latest innovative digital signal processing (DSP)-based communication device, the SM96202FP delivers a cost-effective 9600 bps asynchronous solution for point-to-point and multipoint connectivity.

The SM96202FP Fast-Poll modem is ideal for industrial communication applications including SCADA systems, RTUs, traffic monitor and control, and industrial automation networks. The SM96202FP supports RTUs with an EIA RS-232 or RS-485 serial port at speeds of 9600, 2400, and 1200 bps.

The SM96202FP Fast Poll modem is designed to operate over 4-wire or 2-wire unconditioned leased lines or private metallic circuits. For optimum performance, the modem employs QAM and FSK modulations to communicate over a variety of transmission lines. 

The SM96202FP Fast Poll modem is designed to operate with a wide range of AC or DC power supply voltages and temperatures. With proven reliability and ease of installation, the SM96202FP is ideal for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint polling networks, where high speed and low-network latency are critical for system performance.
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  • Multiple data rate support: 9600, 2400, or 0-1800 bps
  • QAM modulation for 9600, or 2400 bps over Telco
  • FSK modulation for Bell 202T and ITU-V.23 modes
  • Fast-train high-speed data pump design for
    point-to-point or multipoint networks with short
    RTS/CTS delay
  • EIA RS-232/V.24 and RS-485 DTE support
  • Cable equalizer extends operating distance over
    unloaded cables
  • Built-in remote diagnostics and configuration
  • Heavy-duty surge protection provided at power supply
    and leased line interface
  • Supports wide range of AC & DC power supply
  • Supports DC power supplied from DTE or DB-9
  • Wide range of operating temperatures
Model Numbers and Optional Features

  • SM96202FP: Stand-alone with AC power supply
       90-264 VAC or 115-400 VDC
  • SM96202FP-DC: Stand-alone, DC power only
       SM19202FP-DC 10-48 VDC
  • SM96202FP-01: Stand-alone with AC power supply
       AC Power w/ Dry contact option
  • SM96202FP-02: Stand-alone, DC power only
       DC Power w/ dry contact option
  • SM96202FP-RM
       RM16 rack-mount plug-in module
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