PinPoint XT

The AirLink PinPoint XT is an intelligent, cost effective vehicle tracking and asset location platform, ideally suited for a broad range of Mobile Resource Management (MRM), fleet management, real-time dispatch, and AVL applications.

The PinPoint XT uses SuperSense GPS technology for faster GPS signal acquisition time and improves GPS performance to constantly compute vehicle location. In addition, with store and forward capabilities, the PinPoint XT ensures delivery of message when device is disconnected or powered off. In addition, flexible I/O capabilities also enable remote vehicle instrumentation, making the Pinpoint XT ideally suited for vehicle diagnostics applications.

Intelligent Tracking

Embedded with ALEOS, the robust intelligence available only on the Sierra Wireless line of AirLink devices, the PinPoint XT offers customers simplified installation and provisioning, persistent connection maintenance and remote management and control via the AceWare suite of remote management, configuration and diagnostics tools.

By leveraging the highly efficient location based services protocol feature built into ALEOS, third-party application providers can more thoroughly integrate GPS tracking applications with the PinPoint XT, including digital and analog input status, odometer readings, low power state information, and network signal strength. This feature enables seamless incorporation of both location and event data into any 3rd party application.

Events Reporting

With the Events Reporting Engine, the AirLink PinPoint XT reports real-time status and actionable event notifications, instead of just regularly scheduled raw data. These enhanced capabilities ensure the time-sensitive information is presented in the right place, at the precise time needed for better decision making and overall system efficiency.

The Events Reporting Engine is highly customizable and can be remotely managed, controlled, and configured through ACEware™ remote management software. This new feature gives users the flexibility to tailor the type and number of data messages sent, when they are sent, and who receives them through the use of programmed triggers that allow customers to set specific information requirements.

In addition, to support comprehensive vehicle telemetry, the PinPoint XT features a full suite of I/O ports, including four digital inputs, three analog inputs and two relay outputs.
  • ALEOS embedded intelligence
  • ACEware Remote Management Tools
  • Event reporting system
  • Serial Port - Through optional accessory harness
  • Mini-USB port
  • Multiple I/O ports for vehicle telemetry
  • Small form factor
  • Mil Spec for shock, vibe and extreme temperatures
  • SuperSense 50 Channel GPS Receiver
  • Status LEDs
  • Extensive Vehicle Telemetry
  • Remote management, control and configuration
  • Highly configurable real-time exception based reporting
  • Simplified installation and ease of use
  • Robust integration with 3rd party application providers
  • Rugged for extreme conditions
  • Compact design accommodates installation conditions
  • Persistent network connectivity
  • AT&T
  • Sprint
  • Verizon Wireless
  • GSM networks throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East
PinPoint XT Datasheet  
G2312-CD AirLink PinPoint XT GPRS G2312 - Includes DC Power Cable - 1 Year Warranty
C2521-SD AirLink PinPoint XT EVDO C2521 - Sprint - Includes DC Power Cable - 1 Year Warranty
C2521-VD AirLink PinPoint XT EVDO C2521 - Verizon - Includes DC Power Cable - 1 Year Warranty
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