Telular Fixed Cell Cellular Desk-Top Phone
and Dial Tone (RJ-11) for Modem and Fax

Wireless voice, fax, and computer communication via Cell-Cellular.
Plug your modem or fax into Telular Cell phones and Terminals.

The Cellular Base Station provides wireless voice, fax, and computer communication to home, office or any remote location where phone service is needed and a cellular communications network is available. Primary telephone service, extra lines and security back-up can be available immediately. Simply plug your standard telephone, fax machine or computer modem into the unit's jack. This is a stand alone unit with its own internal cellular telephone built in.

The Cellular Desktop Phone is Telular Corporation's latest solution for the next generation in Fixed Cellular connectivity. The Cell Desktop Phone provides excellent voice quality along with robust cellular services to enable a variety of flexible applications to home, office, or remote locations.
Telular Authorized Reseller
Fixed Wireless Terminal (FWT) is subscriber equipment for WLL systems.

WLL (Wireless Local Loop) utilizes radio-based systems to deliver telecommunications to consumers.
Radio channels are used instead of copper or fiber "loops" to link the user to the overall telecommunications network.