Legacy AirLink Products

By blending an always-on wireless broadband data connection with a high-precision integrated Cellular GPS receiver, the AirLink PinPoint provides scaleable mobile data solutions for the enterprise. Read More  
Combining the rich, location-based intelligence provided by AirLink ALEOS with an embedded, high precision GPS receiver, the AirLink PinPoint provides a cost-effective and robust platform for countless mobile workforce and asset tracking applications. Read More
The AirLink Raven-E is the perfect solution for any device with an Ethernet connection that requires pervasive connectivity including PCs, routers, network equipment and POS/ATMs as well as commercial automation equipment. Read More  
AirLink Redwing CDMA 1XRTT Wireless Cell-Cellular Data Modem
(Now Replaced by Raven Series)
An entry-level, low cost, rugged wireless data solution to enable two-way communications with intelligent remote devices. Read More  
AirLink Raven Serial
(Now Replaced by Raven XT Series)
A rugged, intelligent wireless data modem specifically designed for complex mobile data and remote asset management applications, including telemetry, SCADA, intelligent transportation, utility management, remote monitoring, and homeland security. Read more  
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