Fiber Optic Devices

Single mode or Multimode fiber interfaces with point-to-point or point to multipoint configurations and Fiber Hubs form a complete line of fiber optic devices for all applications. Topologies can be configured as Active Star, Dual Daisy Chain, “Two” Dual Redundant rings or Dual Ring plus Dual Daisy Chain with the new Fiber Hub which connects intersecting arterials. Regardless of the application IGM has the fiber products and experience to solve your network needs.

If you cannot locate the modem or communications device your looking for, call us and we can discussion about your requirements.
Fiber Optic Ethernet Switch/Repeater 10/100 Mbps 1 + 2 Switch
FLD400 F Modem

FDM-1 Modem

FLD2 Modem

FDM FiberHub Modem

FDM2 FiberHub Modem