Model SM24000 Series Modem

The GDI SM24000 series modem provides a high performance, temperature tested, alternative to external modems in many “Field Master” applications.
  • Standard “AT” Command Set
  • Private Wire & Dialup Modem on a single Card
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Front Edge Mounted Status Indicators
  • Auto Dial — Auto Answer—Auto Speed Detect
  • Highly Flexible Configuration Options
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range –37 to +74oC
  • Configuration options stored in NVRAM— no jumpers

The GDI Smart Modem SM24000 series modems are a combination of two modems on a single card that plugs directly into the Model 170 modem slot. One modem is the functional equivalent of a GDI Series 400 modem while the other is a versatile, AT command set compatible dial-up modem. Models are available to operate on 1200, 2400, or 9600 baud for the FSK section and 2400 baud for the dialup section.
Click HERE for the 24000 modem specifications.
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