Model SM560SA 56K Dialup Modem

The GDI Smart SM560SA Modem offers 26 data rates from 300 to 56,000 bps.
  • V.90/K56flex Auto-speed
  • Error Correction / Data Compression
  • Call Monitor Speaker
  • Standard “AT” Command Set
  • Integral Power Supply
  • Dual RS232/RS485 Interface
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range –37 to +74oC


The GDI Smart Modem SM560SA is an AT command set compatible dial-up modem. This modem has been designed specifically for the demands of the traffic industry. The GDI Smart Modem SM560SA can be used to communicate with traffic controllers, variable message signs, dial-up to the web or most any other dial-up application that requires communications over the public switched network.

The GDI Smart Modem SM560SA offers 26 data rates from 300 to 56,000 bps. The GDI Smart Modem SM560SA is “AT” command set compatible with auto-dial, auto-answer, and auto-speed detect. The GDI Smart Modem is compatible with the GDI Smart Modem SM336A dial-up modem. The internal fused power supply eliminates the common “brick” external power supply.
Click HERE for the DSU-56-DA DSU/CSU specifications.
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