MIU2.4, MIU14.4, MIU28.8,MIU14.4L, MIU28.8L MIU2.4LV, MIU14.4LV, MIU28.8

Modem Interface Units
Communication Interface Units
To service the growing need for efficient, reliable data communications in the harsh environments of utility substations and industrial facilities, Telenetics has developed a family of data communications products that can operate from various AC/DC power supplies and survive high surge levels and extreme heat and cold. All this without compromising the performance expected from state-of-the-art communications devices.

With the rapid move toward "intelligent" substations, where meters, relays, RTU’s, SCADA systems, etc. are able to "talk" to a remote operator, communications devices such as modems are moving off the desk top and into the field, where the conveniences of 115VAC power outlets and climate control are usually hard to find.

Telenetics has addressed this problem by developing a range of Communication Interface Units (CIU’s) designed specifically for harsh environments.

The MIU2.4, 9.6 and 14.4 are highly sophisticated full duplex, V.22bis, V.29 or V.32bis data modems that are designed to interface with RS232, RS485 (external device), 5V logic (TTL) or simple send and receive signals. They operate at full or half duplex on dial-up or 2-wire and 4-wire leased line systems. All of these devices are powered from a unique power supply that enables them to operate on any AC or DC voltage ranging from 48V to 220V. A low voltage version (9-36VDC) is also available. The CIU’s are designed to work in temperatures from -40°C to +85°C, and are surge protected on both the power and analog lines.

All of this is bundled in a 5-3/8" x 4" x 1-3/8" non-metallic enclosure, suitable for desktop or wall mounting.

Also see our data sheets on the MIU/PowerPort low voltage modems, the Myriad™ Rack Mount Modem Banks and the MIU202T (Bell 202T) modems.

- MIU2.4 2400bps (V.22bis) Dial-Up Modem

- MIU9.6 (9.6L) 9600bps (V.22bis) Dial-Up Modem (9.6L = 2 or 4-Wire Leased Line Modem)

- MIU14.4 (14.4L) 14400bps (V.32bis) Dial-Up Modem (14.4L = 2 or 4-Wire Leased Line modem)
Models and Descriptions:
  • 2.4, 9.6 & 14.4 kbps Modems
  • 48 to 220VAC/DC Power Supply
  • IEC801-4 Surge Protection
  • -40°C to +85°C Operating Temp.
  • For Meters, Relays, SCADA, etc.
  MIU2.4 MIU9.6FP MIU14.4
Modem Line Speeds:
2400, 1200,
24800, 9600,
14400, 9600, 4800,
1200, 300bps
DTE Rates:
above modem line speeds
(i.e. with data compression)
4800, 9600,
57.6, 38.4,
Standards: V.22bis, V.22
Bell 212A
Bell 103
V.27 & V.29 V.32bis, V.32
V.22bis, V.22
Bell 212A
Bell 103
Dial Up: MIU2.4   MIU14.4
2 & 4 Wire
Leased Line
No MIU9.6FP MIU14.4L¹
Compatibility Hayes™ Extended
AT Command Set
None Hayes™ Extended
AT Command Set
Error Correction /
Data Compression
None None MNP 2, 4, 5 & 10
V.42, V.42bis
Power Supply 48VAC/DC to 220VAC/DC (Optional 9-36VDC)
Power Connector 4-ft AC Cord with 3-Pin Screw Terminal connector included
Case Size 5-3/8" x 4" x 1-3/8"
Digital Port RS232 with DB9 Connector
Analog Port RJ-11 Modular Jack
Surge Protection
(Power Line)
8kV [Exceeds IEC801-4]
(20kV [IE801-5] available if required)
Surge Protection
(Analog Line)
5kVAC 3.7VAC 3.75kVAC
Environment -40¡C to +85¡C, 0 to 95% humidity (non-condensing)
Certifications FCC Part 68, Industry Canada
Standalone Modems
Telenetics' industrial grade modems individually suited for dial up and leased line applications. Unless otherwise specified, standard voltage is 48 to 220 VAC or DC. For low voltage option (9-36VDC) add "-LV" to Model number.
MIU2.4  V.22bis, 2400 bps Dial-up Modem
MIU9.6FPD 9600 bps, Digital Fast Poll Modem 
MIU9.6FPD/R 9600 bps, Digital Fast Poll Modem Repeater
MIU14.4 V.32.bis,14.4 Kbps Dial-up Modem
MIU14.4L  V.32.bis, 14.4 Kbps LL Modem W/ EC,DC 2/4 Wire Lease
MIU14.4EL V.29 9600 bps, or V33, 14400 bps Leased-Line Modem W/O DC, EC 4 Wire
MIU23  V23, 1200 bps, LL Modem
MIU28.8 V.34 28.8 Kbps Dial Up Modem
MIU202T  Bell 202T, 1200 bps LL Modem
MIU56 Industrial Grade V.90, 56K Dial / 33.6K LL Remote Configuration, Password Security with Voice Alert Alarms
MIU LDM Limited Distance Modem (Short Haul)
DSP9612FP 1200/4800/9600 bps LL Fast Poll Modem. Point-to-Point or Multi-Point applications. 85-265 VAC or 85-400 VDC Version Standalone. Bell 202T Combatible in 1200bps mode
DSP9612-LV 1200/4800/9600 bps LL Fast Poll Modem. Point-to-Point or Multi-Point applications. 10-53 VDC Version Standalone. Bell 202T Combatible in 1200bps mode
DSP9612RM 1200/4800/9600 bps LL Fast Poll Modem. Rack Mount version (RM16 Nest). Bell 202T Combatible in 1200bps mode
LV add -LV suffix to MIU Series for Low Voltage option 9 to 36 VDC 
Data Rate (bps) Standard 48 - 240V AC or DC 9 - 36V DC +5V +-5% DC
2400 V.22bis MIU2.4 MIU2.4-LV MIU / Power Port 2.4
14400 V.32bis MIU14.4 MIU14.4-LV MIU / Power Port 14.4
1200 Bell 202T MIU202T MIU202T-LV MIU / Power Port 202T
9600 V.29 MIU14.4LL MIU14.4-EL-LV MIU / Power Port 14.4 LL;
14400 V.32bis MIU14.4L MIU14.4L-LV MIU / Power Port 14.4 LL
9600 N/A MIU9.6FPD MIU9.6
MIU / Power Port 9.6FPD
See the MIU56
Industrial Modem with Voice Alert

A V.90 with additional features and extra versatility that make it ideal for industrial local or remote unattended operation.
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